N2 / WERA Endurance by Dunlop

America’s Premiere National Endurance Series

Title Sponsor

Providing tire products and services at N2 events.

Welcome to the 2022 racing season.

N2 and WERA have teamed up to host the national endurance series, this time with Dunlop as our title sponsor, bringing our purse payouts to well over $125,000. We also have many great sponsors bringing additional prizes and contingency to the endurance series (stay tuned for further announcements). The endurance events will follow a three-day format and include both a 4-hour and 2-hour endurance race.

Each event will feature a 4-hour main event broken down into three classes: heavyweight, middleweight, and lightweight, with a 2-hour event dedicated to the ultra-lightweight class. Last season, N2 introduced a new endurance relay class that ran as part of the 4-hour main event. This new class exceeded our expectations and paved the way for many new teams to experience the thrill of endurance racing.

This season now has 5 events on the schedule with well over $20,000 dedicated to each round.

Main Event (4-Hour)

The 4-hour endurance race is the main event for each of the 5 rounds and is comprised of three classes: Heavyweight, Middleweight, and Lightweight.

The top finisher in each class will receive $2,500 with additional payouts through 7th position.

Ultra-Lightweight (2-Hour)

This event is 2-hours and is comprised of ultra-lighweight machines only.

The top finisher in this class will receive $1,500 with payouts through 7th position.

Endurance Relay (4-Hour)

The endurance relay is a new class that allows newcomers to try their hand at endurance racing. Each rider pilots their own bike as part of the relay, exchanging the transponder during pit stop.

The top finisher in this class will receive $750 with payouts through 5th position.

We’d like to thank the following sponsors for their support and generosity.

Our sponsor list for 2022 is currently being finalized and will be proudly displayed here shortly! We’d like to express our thanks to all of our 2021 sponsors for contributing to the success of this series.

Yamaha Motor USA

Motorcycles, Scooters, Watercraft ATV’s, and UTV’s.

Woodcraft Technologies

Complete line of racing parts, including rear sets.

Innovative Motorsports

Endurance tank modifications, dry breaks, and dump cans.

REB Graphics

Complete paint, graphic, and design solutions.

Ghetto Customs

Develops custom SV650 bodywork.

Rise Moto / RHT

RHT neck gel-pack solutions to keep athletes cooler.


If you have any questions about our track days or registering for an event, contact our support group at support@n2td.org or call us using the number below.