Frequently Asked Questions

N2 knows that for many riders, the most stressful part of a track day is getting prepared, registered, and through tech inspection. The following is a compilation of the questions we get asked most frequently about getting onto the track. If you have any questions, see if it is answered here. Don’t worry, if it is not you can still get all the support you need by sending us your question using our Contact N2 page.

  1. How many groups do you run? N2 assigns riders into three groups according to their riding ability: Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced. We also offer a free Intro group that runs with the Novice class in the morning sessions.
  2. How do the groups vary? The Novice group is very structured, with control riders acting as instructors; passing is anywhere except in the corners.The Intermediate group is less supervised and structured, with control riders looking at riding ability, encouraging faster or slower riders to move up or down a class. Passing is allowed anywhere except the inside of a turn, and braking areas and turn exits are allowed. The Advanced group has very little supervision with control riders present to spot unsafe riding. Passing is allowed anywhere on the track and the group is run very much like an open racing practice. (see the Rider’s€™ Manual for more information)
  3. What is the Intro program? Is it held at all events? N2€’s Intro program is an exclusive FREE trial class created for the street rider not sure about signing up for a full day of riding. They receive the Beginner classroom session and have access to the track for two 20-minute Beginner riding sessions in the morning rotation. There is no bike preparation requirement; however, participants will be required to pass tech inspection. The Intro class is offered at all events, but is usually limited to five riders each day, depending upon the size of the track. Only one Intro registration/person will be allowed.
  4. What are control riders€? Control riders are the instructors and pace setters of the track. They will determine if you need to move up or down a class, according to your skill and comfort level, and must occasionally act as policemen to keep the track safe. The number of control riders will be determined by the size of the group on the track.
  5. Do you have cornerworkers? Yes, they are present at every corner and will alert you with flags about hazards on the track. (see Rider’s Manual for flag info)
  6. What is the best way for me to sign up for a membership or event? The fastest and easiest way to register for membership or events is to access your N2 account online. If necessary, applications can also be mailed to N2 at the address found on this website. Applications that are mailed may experience a delay in processing.
  7. Do I need to pre-register for events? N2 limits the number of participants per class, per event to provide the safest environment possible. Events fill up fast so to ensure your spot we strongly recommend you register in advance. N2 does not overbook events. Pre-registering also guarantees you the lowest rate for the event and gives you N2’s rain/crash insurance.
  8. Can I cancel an event after I sign up? Once you have registered for a track day, you may cancel up to 30 days prior to the event without penalty, with the exception of a $5 processing fee. You may cancel between 15 and 30 days prior to the event and receive a N2 account credit. No cancellations will be accepted less than 15 days prior to an event; however, you may sell/ transfer your spot to another N2 member. Confirmations are e-mailed five days prior to an event.
  9. What is N2€’s rain policy? If we do not roll a wheel on the track and the event is canceled due to rain, you will receive 100% credit to be used at another N2 event. Rain credit is only good for one calendar year from the time of the cancellation. N2 may ride in the rain. If we get rained out after an event has started, there will be NO credits or refunds issued. If you choose not to show up and we ride, you will not receive any credit. If you choose not to show up and we cancel the event, you will receive a 100% credit for another N2 event, to be used within one calendar year. N2 reserves the right to adjust this policy anytime without notice.
  10. How do I use a credit? You can use credit online by logging onto your N2 account and signing up for an event as you normally would. The credit will automatically be applied to the balance prior to the system asking for payment info. If you do not use the web, you must contact Member Services at or to use your credit.
  11. What is the difference between my member/ID# and my riding/comp #? These numbers are NOT the same. Your riding number is required to be on your bike, identifies you when you are on the track, and links you to your emergency contact information. Your member number identifies you as a member and is needed when communicating with us or our partners.
  12. Can I change my rider #? You can change your rider # at any time in your online account.
  13. What do I need to bring to the track? Registration information, food for lunch and beverages, extra gas, a canopy, spare equipment, tools, and an open mind and willingness to learn. (see the Rider’s Manual for more details)
  14. Do I need special safety gear to participate? You will need an undamaged helmet with eye protection, leather full-circumference riding suit, boots, gloves, and back protector (highly recommended). NO jeans are allowed. (see Rider’s Manual for details)
  15. What do I need to do to my bike for tech inspection? Basically, we are looking for a bike that is clean and in close-to-perfect working order. Specific items relating to bodywork, engine, brakes, and chassis and suspension will be checked at the track by our inspectors. If any of these items are found unsatisfactory and can not be rectified, you will be disqualified from participating for the day. Advanced riders must loosen bodywork enough for the tech inspectors to check wiring, etc. All video setups must also be teched. (see Rider’s Manual for details)
  16. Do I need to remove my kickstand? No.
  17. Do I need to have a belly pan? Belly pans are recommended, but not required.
  18. Do I need to safety wire my bike? Intro, Novice, and Intermediate riders are not required to have any items wired, but we strongly recommend doing it anyway. Advanced riders are required to have specific items safety wired (see Rider’s Manual for details)
  19. What can I use to tape my lights? Lights and reflectors can be taped over with masking, electrical, or plastic-type tape or covers. Unplug taped lights because bulbs can overheat and tape glue gets messy when hot.
  20. Do I need to remove my mirrors? Yes, with the exception of Intro riders.
  21. How do I display my rider number? Your rider number must be displayed on the front of your bike and/or both sides of the tail section; at least 6 inches high; no special background color is required. (see Rider’s Manual for details)
  22. Must I drain my coolant system? Only Advanced class riders must change from antifreeze to water. Engine Ice and Evans Coolant are NOT permitted!
  23. How do I know if my tires will pass tech? We recommend at least 2/32 of tread over the wear bar. This is per day and varies greatly depending on your skill level, suspension settings, the tire make and compound, and the bike you’™re riding. When in doubt, replace them.

Dunlop Tires

We are pleased to feature Dunlop as the official tire partner of N2 Track Days!

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Tracks We Ride

When you ride with N2, you ride at the most premiere venues across the United States - the fastest, the most technical, the most challenging and, naturally, the most fun. Join us for a motorcycle track day on the same circuits as your favorite AMA pro racers!


Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham
Talladega Gran Prix, Talladega


Homestead Speedway, Homestead


Road Atlanta, Braselton
Roebling Road Raceway, Bloomingdale

New Jersey

NJMP - Lightning, Millville
NJMP - Thunderbolt, Millville

North Carolina

NC Bike, Garysburg

South Carolina

CMP, Kershaw


PittRace, Wampum
Pocono Raceway, Long Pond


Virginia International Raceway, Alton

West Virginia

Summit Main, Summit Point
Jefferson Circuit, Summit Point
Shenandoah, Summit Point