buddy_groupRegardless of the tracks or clubs we ride, a big part of the track day allure is the social element of this sport and hanging out with like-minded people that share a common passion for all things motorcycle. If you’re like most, riding with your buddies makes the day all that much more fun. Following this mantra, N2 is pleased to announce a new feature allowing members to create and manage buddy lists! So what’s all this mean? In simple terms, each member can now “share” their upcoming registered events with their friends with the click of a button! Ever wonder what track days your buddies have signed up for? Well wonder no more.

Getting started is easy. When you login to the member portal, you’ll notice the new Manage Buddies feature in the action panel located on the left side of your screen. To add a new buddy, simply enter the buddy member id and last name, then click the Add Buddy button (as shown below). It’s really that simple!




Once you’ve added buddies to your account, your upcoming events will be shared with all buddies automatically. As you register for events, you’ll also notice a new group icon next to each event, indicating buddies that have shared their upcoming events with you. Move your mouse pointer over the group icon to get a quick preview, click to see the full details.




In life, it’s all about the little things and we hope this little extra goes a long way in helping you manage your track days amongst friends. It’s all part of N2’s commitment to bring you a better track day experience, on and off the track.

The N2 Crew