Rider Classes

At each N2 event, riders are grouped by skill level. These groups will make your time on the track more productive and more enjoyable.


Rider Class
intro This free trial group is for the street rider who’s unsure about signing up for a full day of riding. The Intro group attends a Novice classroom session and gets on the track for two 15-20 minute Novice riding sessions in the morning rotation. There is no bike preparation requirement; however, participants are required to pass technical inspection.
novice This group is very structured and geared toward those who have little or no experience riding on a track. A brief classroom session gets participants acquainted with the track, basic rules, procedures, and track etiquette. On the track, Control Riders serve as instructors and set the pace. Passing is allowed anywhere except in the corners. With each session, the group is guaranteed a steady increase in speed throughout the day.
intermediate This group is less supervised and structured than the Novice group. Control Riders observe riding ability and encourage faster or slower riders to move up or down a group. Passing is allowed everywhere except the inside of corners. The structure of this group may change to more closely resemble either the Advanced or Beginner group, depending on the group’s overall riding ability.
advanced This group has very little supervision. Control Riders are present to spot unsafe riding maneuvers. Passing is allowed anywhere on the track. This group is run much like an open racing practice.
Control Riders
cr Control Riders are the pace setters on the track. The number of CRs is determined by the size of the group riding at any given time. CRs also determine if and when riders move up or down a group, based on skill and comfort level. While CRs ensure safety on the track, that’s not all they do. They also provide valuable advice, coaching and feedback on your riding technique.

Dunlop Tires

We are pleased to feature Dunlop as the official tire partner of N2 Track Days!

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Track Day Tires
Racing Tires (Slicks)

Tracks We Ride

When you ride with N2, you ride at the most premiere venues across the United States - the fastest, the most technical, the most challenging and, naturally, the most fun. Join us for a motorcycle track day on the same circuits as your favorite AMA pro racers!


Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham
Talladega Gran Prix, Talladega


Homestead Speedway, Homestead


Road Atlanta, Braselton
Roebling Road Raceway, Bloomingdale

New Jersey

NJMP - Lightning, Millville
NJMP - Thunderbolt, Millville

North Carolina

NC Bike, Garysburg

South Carolina

CMP, Kershaw


PittRace, Wampum
Pocono Raceway, Long Pond


Virginia International Raceway, Alton

West Virginia

Summit Main, Summit Point
Jefferson Circuit, Summit Point
Shenandoah, Summit Point